Wellness: “The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” (Oxford English Dictionary) 

I believe that wellness is about striving to achieve our full potential, in all areas of life - mind, body and spirit - and that the journey is as important as the destination.

And so why not make that healthy journey as fulfilling, fabulous and FUN as possible?

I’m Toni Jones, journalist, healthy hedonist and founder of Detox|Retox, a wellness brand for no-nonsense women.

Having spent a fun but frantic 15 years on the Fashion and Lifestyle desks of some of the world’s biggest newspapers and websites I made the decision to become a freelancer in 2015 to focus on my health and happiness.

As a size 12, 30something with a tequila habit I’m not your standard health and fitness advocate. I love to go out (occasionally ‘out out’), I still get intimidated at the gym, I cherish lie-ins, drink coffee and devour pizza. I definitely don’t have a six-pack, I haven’t yet nailed ‘athleisure’ and I don’t really like kale.

But I’m learning a lot on my mission to find my inner wellness ‘warrior’, mostly that life is most fulfilling when we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we maintain a bit of balance.

I believe we can be spiritual at the same time as being sociable and loving fitness doesn’t mean we can’t love fry-ups too.

I am striving for Detox|Retox.com to be a resource to help us create better, fuller and happier lives through workable advice, expert interviews, honest product reviews, healthy travel tips and tried and tested classes, cleanses and courses.

And for both the blog and our events to be a celebration of all things wellness; beauty, fitness, food, travel, health, style - without elitism, egos or rules.

Because there's no right or wrong way to start taking better care of ourselves. The trick is just to start…

Thanks for reading.