Abs are made in the kitchen: Jenna Zoe on getting your best beach body in six weeks

Recently I joined the Get The Gloss editor Susannah Taylor for a group power breakfast as she launched her site's new #projectbikini plan at The Juicery juice bar in the Bloomsbury Hotel.

The idea behind #projectbikini is six weeks to look as good as possible in that two-piece. The site (one of my favourites for frank and funny fitness advice) will be running six weeks' worth of tips on toning up and clever eating, and to kick things off Susannah was joined by a panel of health and nutrition powerhouses including author Jenna Zoe and celebrity trainers Charli Cohen and Christina Howells.

I think we know that it takes more than six weeks to look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a bikini, but these women had some wise words for any of us wanting to get maximum results in a short time.

 Empowerment through food: Jenna Zoe is author of the Foods To Love book and blog

Empowerment through food: Jenna Zoe is author of the Foods To Love book and blog

Jenna Zoe, nutritionist and health food author and blogger (pictured left), had some refreshingly realistic advice: "Willpower is a limited resource and six weeks is a long time. There is no point completely changing everything about your diet straight away because you won't stick to it.

"Start with three changes and add three more only when you are comfortable with these.

"Straight away the best things you can do are CUT OUT SALT, STOP THE NIGHTLY GLASS OF WINE and CUT DOWN ON DAIRY.

"These things aren't that hard to do and it's much more empowering to take small steps you can really stick to.

"Another thing to do is think about what your eating: is it a real food or not? Sugar + fat = the worst possible combination so definitely avoid muffins/cakes/cookies. If it's a real food, I would say it's ok: a banana has high sugar content, an avocado has high fat content, but they are still good foods.

"ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN because you might spend one hour a day working out but in theory you could spend the rest of that day eating.

"Protein does help burn fat - try and eat a handful in each meal - and it's also great for your hair, skin and nails. I have a PROTEIN SHAKE FOR BREAKFAST every day because the first thing you put in your body preps your hormones on how to work for the rest of the day, so that first meal is very important."

 A-list legs: Christina Howells trains the glossy posse

A-list legs: Christina Howells trains the glossy posse

 Fashion meets fitness: Designer Charli is also a PT

Fashion meets fitness: Designer Charli is also a PT

Personal trainer and fashion designer Charli Cohen is part of the team behind glamorous new online fitness service That Girl London. She says: "My best advice is to REDUCE ALCOHOL INTAKE as much as possible. As well as being calorific alcohol stops your body working in the right way."

Charli's partner Christina Howells is a trainer to most of the glossy editor posse, as well as Katie Grand, she says: "PUT EXERCISE SESSIONS IN YOUR DIARY, like you would a night out, this will help you commit. Look at ways to INCLUDE ACTIVITY IN YOUR STANDARD DAY eg walk to work in the summer, as this is an easy way to burn calories. And always do something you enjoy.

"HAVING A GOAL is a great motivator: stick that picture on the fridge, or words that mean something to you, or you could even sign a contract with your trainer or friend re what you will commit to."

For more tips on achieveing that your best bikini bod visit GetTheGloss.com