(fitness) Mini Monday Review #2: Sexy spinning at Pscyle

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The #MiniMondayReview is a bite-sized, emoji-based class review featured on Toni's Instagram every week.

On the Detox|Retox blog we have a bit more room to give you the low down on the who/what/wear too.

This week = Psycle, a high intensity, full body workout on a bike, aka disco spinning and our favourite way to workout right now.


The soho studio is our preferred haunt (there's another studio in Canary Wharf) where the crowd is a mixed bunch of male and female media and fashion types.


If you love clubbing you will love Psycle, which often feels like more of a dance class than a spinning session. In the studio the lights are low, the music is loud enough to feel in your chest, and the instructors control the crowd like superstar DJs.

Coordination is useful (but not crucial) and as your fitness improves and you manage to match the BPMs with your spin speed you'll start to love the tough 45 minute class, which includes sprints, hill climbs, bunny hops (the devil) and a small hand weights section for upper body.


  • Not much - all those bodies moving to the beat create a LOT of heat so anything small that that hides sweat is a good start
  • The usual bright, tight Lycra
  • No need for trainers as you're given cleated shoes that clip into the bike, but you really don't want to forget your socks
  • A nice normcore-meets-fitness jumper for hanging in the smoothie bar afterwards


Just ride, yeah?

Just ride, yeah?


Some level of fitness a bonus, but all welcome and you can take the class at your own pace. Avoid the front row unless you are supremely confident.


Hell, yes! Whatever your fitness level. 


Cool interiors, organic products, on-site smoothies, wicked lighting, big changing rooms.

MUSIC: 4/5

Psycle is ALL about the music, featuring nightclub-style mixes designed to get your heart racing and our legs pumping (they lose a point for some trainers' more 'niche' musical tastes).

FRIENDLY OR FIERCE? 3 x :) :) :)

Instructors are all super smiley, v energetic dancers with banging bods to match their playlists.


Drop in class £20 with prices going down to £15.50 if you buy a package of 50