(booze) Cocktail watch: Celebrating St Patrick's day with a matcha-laced mule

What's happens when you mix matcha with whiskey? A mean, green Detox|Retox dream that's what.

To celebrate St Patrick's Day this week the Mighty Matcha team have created a whiskey cocktail (of course they have) combining their green tea powder and Jameson.

If you're hosting a St Patrick's Day party this drink is great if you love a gimmick but don't like super sweet cocktails (or Guinness).

And a cup of matcha contains 137 times more antioxidants than a cup of standard green tea so you can feel (a wee bit) virtuous as you sip your kermit-coloured creation.

[tip] I don't have Matcha Syrup (does anybody have Matcha Syrup?!) so I used less lemon juice to stop the drink getting too sour. Add a dash of standard sugar syrup/gomme if you absolutely cannot live without a bit of sweetness.

 A different kind of DIY green juice

A different kind of DIY green juice

How To Make A Mighty Patcha:


  • 25ml Jameson
  • 10ml Lemon Juice
  • 5-6 Basil Leaves
  • 1/2 Tsp Mighty Matcha
  • 10ml Matcha Syrup
  • 50ml Ginger Ale


  • Muddle and mix together the Mighty Matcha, Basil, Lemon juice, Jamesons and Matcha Syrup
  • Add in the crushed ice
  • Top up with ginger ale
  • Stir and garnish with a Basil leaf


30g Mighty Matcha tin (30 servings) £12.50 mightymatcha.com