(fitness) Mini Monday Review #4: The 'mini' Frame classes delivering big results

 The Mini Monday Review reviews mini Frame sessions

The Mini Monday Review reviews mini Frame sessions

The #MiniMondayReview is a bite-sized, emoji-based class review featured on Instagram every week.

On the Detox|Retox blog there's a bit more room to give you the low down on the who/what/wear too.

This week = FRAME MINI CLASSES: 30 minute versions of the studio's most popular signature classes designed to fit into your lunch hour/that tedious gap between work and happy hour.


The new Victoria location is a hop, skip and a jump (squat) away from Victoria Station so awesome for anyone South of the river wanting to be part of the Frame family.

The crowd here and at King's Cross is a lot less fierce than the fitspo crew seen at the original Shoreditch spot, with Skechers trainers and even novelty socks on display. And they take themselves a lot less seriously, actually smiling and chatting during class, which was really refreshing and is great to know for beginners.


Both of the 30 minute classes I tried included warm-ups and stretch downs and got my heart pumping in the 26 minutes in between. Everything seemed to go super fast, but modifications were given for different levels, and although it felt like we didn't stick at anything for very long (we didn't!) we sure did work the whole body. Energy Shot is a combination of barre, yoga, pilates and good old-fashioned aerobics (co-ordination a plus) while Mini Barre uses resistance bands, the barre and body weight to stretch and sculpt to speed. 


  • Sticky socks or bare feet for most classes
  • Hi-tech leggings
  • Something from the latest Whistles X Move Your Frame collection for extra fit fam brownie points. The kit's not branded but those who know will know
  • Medium-high impact sports bra for classes like Energy Shot
 Downward dogs don't seem to get any easier in a 30 minute class

Downward dogs don't seem to get any easier in a 30 minute class


Short but intense classes offer something for all levels and the pain is over before you know it, which is obviously a plus if your fitness isn't great (yet).

WILL YOU SWEAT? 2 (barre) & 3(energy shot)/5

Yes but not enough to cause too much damage (aka you can probably get away without a shower if really pushed for time).


Bright, bold, industrial but still chic. On-site smoothies (we heart the Framer) and merchandise.

MUSIC: 3/5

Crowd-pleasing Beyonce and MJ classics.


The teachers are friendly, technical and inspiring. Most are dancers with #todiefor instagram accounts and a love of statement leggings.


Mini classes from £12 at the King's Cross and Victoria studios


 Detox|Retox vibes at the new Victoria studio

Detox|Retox vibes at the new Victoria studio