(health) The Lemon Detox: How giving up solids can help you raise money for charity AND look like Beyonce this January

For those of you with willpower, cleansing is a quick way to lose a few pounds and help your body recover after all that Christmas craziness.

And if Juice Cleanses are a little out of your budget, how about some good old-fashioned fasting to help drop the pounds?

This January you can make a difference at the same time as losing festive flab with the Lemon Detox #fastingforcharity initiative - a four-day sponsored fast that may help you look and feel like Beyonce while you raise money for charity (NB: the Beyonce part is not guaranteed, the feel-good factor is).


The Lemon Detox has become the celebrity way to detox thanks to endorsement from Mrs Carter and other hot women like Naomi Campbell, Mille Macintosh and more recently Gigi Hadid and her mum. 

And if you don't have a world tour coming up, sponsorship and support from family and friends is almost as motivational.

Fasting advocates say that going without solid food every so often benefits the entire body and is an investment in better health and a longer life span, as well as guaranteeing weight loss.

Unlike a total fast, which involves complete abstinence from food of any kind, the Lemon Detox incorporates liquid food in the form of a drink made with Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, fresh lemon juice, water and a pinch of cayenne pepper. While the actual inner cleansing and rejuvenation is performed by the body, the drink assists the process by supplying necessary nutrients and minerals. 

And this January they are asking users to commit to four days of fasting, get friends and family to sponsor them and raise money for a charity that matters.

So that'll be doing something good for you, your waistline and the world around you. And what's not to love about that?


Sign up for the Fasting For Charity challenge and learn more about the Lemon Detox and fasting HERE