(friday five) Hey you, stop scrolling on the step machine! Frame founder Pip Black on the importance of unplugging

The Friday Five is five minutes of workable wisdom from our favourite mind, body and spirit experts to help ease you into the weekend with a bit of love and light.

The gym used to be the one place we could switch off from our inbox and ignore the day's social media furore, but technology is creeping into our workout spaces more and more.

For many of us it's now crucial in helping plan our fitness schedules, track our steps and calorie counts as well as teaching, inspiring and even entertaining us when the treadmill chat isn't delivering.

But sometimes it's good to turn off the devices, tune inwards and remember why we're really there.

Taking care of ourselves isn't just about fighting the flab and eating clean, but also learning to keep calm and connect, whether that's in the studio, on the street or even on the sofa.

Hip fitness studio Frame founder, and mother-of-one, Pip Black shares her thoughts on the importance of unplugging.

 Pip Black, co-founder at Frame, pictured in a rare 'out of Lycra' moment

Pip Black, co-founder at Frame, pictured in a rare 'out of Lycra' moment


Even though technology and being 'plugged in' can be beneficial to our health in the way of apps and websites that tell us what exercise to do, and give us ways of tracking our activity and nutrition on the flip side, this new dependence on technology can actually have many negative effects on our health, especially when it comes to mental health.

Spending time on social media, or simply being internally focused by staring at a computer screen can have a massive effect on our mental health as our idea of 'normal' or who we should be aspiring to becomes blurred. It can also limit the amount of time we spend in the outdoors and socialising with other humans, which personally I believe is essential for a happy, fulfilled life.

When we started Frame we wanted to provide an alternative to the monotonous hours spent pounding the treadmill, earplugs in. We believe that the benefits of sport and exercise are multiplied when you are in the company of others, all doing something together, getting high off each others' endorphins.

By taking time out from social media and your devices in general, you can start to connect again with other humans and nature, as we were created to do. You start to remember what's important in life and enjoy being in the moment, rather than constantly worrying about what other people are doing, which by default leads to high levels of anxiety and stress. You have to remember that what you see online, is often a million miles away from what is 'real life'.

Even one day 'turned off' is going to help you to gain perspective and really enjoy the moment. Make the most of this time and spend it with friends and family, enjoying each other's company and reminding yourself what's actually important in your life.

 Ditch your phone and Move Your Frame

Ditch your phone and Move Your Frame

  • Pip and her partner Joan Murphy have just opened their fourth Frame fitness studio in Victoria, just minutes from the main station