(beauty) new ultrasun tan activator helps boost the bronze while we spend LESS time in the sun

The best kind of tan is probably no tan if you ask ultrasun boss Abi Cleeves. The beauty MD and skincare fanatic is evangelical in spreading the message of safer sun behaviour, and meeting her during a press launch at Galley Bay in Antigua last year I was almost convinced to wear head-to-toe factor 50 and stay inside for the rest of my life.

The woman is a walking advert for high protection, spouting enlightening and terrifying statistics at every opportunity, and looking a lot better than someone who works as hard as she does should (as well as being an industry expert and QVC presenter she's just launched her own skincare range skinSense)

BUT *whispers* some of us actually like to see our skin change colour and come back from our holidays a bit bronzed. Long-term it may mean wrinkles, age spots and a lot worse, but in the here and now it makes us feel healthier and look better.

And although she likes to aim high, Abi understands that we’re not all as dedicated as her when it comes to embracing an English rose complexion, and so here is her suncare compromise: introducing the ultrasun Tan Activator formula designed to activate melatonin while it protects and therefore reduce sun bathing time and generally encouraging safer sunbathing.

Abi's happy because we're spending less time in harmful rays, and we're happy because we still get to look like Gisele. Roll on Ibiza.... 


ultrasun Tan Activator protects at a high SPF (30) with a very high UVA of 90% and contains the complex BronzylTM, a natural tan enhancer which has been shown to accelerate the tanning process by over 40% in ten days. BronzylTM does this by activating the production of melanin to allow for a deeper, faster and prolonged, even tan whilst protecting against immediate and long-term sun damage.


ultrasun Face Tan Activator SPF30: £28 for 50ml

ultrasun Body Tan Activator SPF30: £28 for 150ml

Tan Activator and the whole ultrasun range is available from ShopSkincare.co.ukMarks & Spencer and qvcuk.com